Donnerstag, 3. April 2008

Beyond the Balance / Herzentöter

Beyond the Balance - Herzentöter

"Beyond the Balance" is a poetic on-the-road film about the irony of fate and whether the grass in New Zealand is any greener than that in the Spreewald.

Bernd Heiber created a wonderful and believable universe of absurdities. The film impresses with a flood of colors and images and a soundtrack composed by Steve Binetti. Binetti, whose apocalyptic guitar riffs in "Delphinium and Cynosure" had seemed a perfect match for film, was finally commisioned to produce a film score.

Konstantin Kröning, Haike Brauer, Angelika Wedde, Cooky Ziesche, Frank Evers, Tanja Ziegler, Xaver Hutter, Katja Flint, Paul Fassnacht

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